About Me

I’m 19 years old and live in Australia. I love to write and enjoy reading so I thought hey why not start my own blog and venture into the world of blogging. This was a big step for me as I enjoy writing but it was for personal pleasure. I’m a person who gets embarrassed when someone reads my work. I’ll admit right now this is absolutely out of my comfort zone but I consider this a personal challenge.

I normally write in a journal but decided on exchanging my pen for a keyboard. I’m treating my blog as a journal/diary where I will jot down random thoughts or wanting to record certain days. It may also consist of book reviews, beauty, and anything else I think would be fun to write about.

I’m all about self-love, spreading happiness and hopefully, you guys will enjoy reading my blog as much as I’ve had fun writing it.

I love:

  • To read
  • To write
  • To draw (although I’m not that good)
  • To binge watch Netflix and YouTube
  • My cats Charlie and Prada
  • My friends and family

If you guys want to see what I’m up to:

Twitter: BellaSuzanna

Email: aplethoraofthoughts@gmail.com